Launched in 2008 by Cadee Wilder, Kreme is a 'micro-batch' print house. We print-to-order original wallpaper in small batches to ensure that each roll is of the utmost quality.

Each collection is designed by Cadee Wilder, a designer, fine artist and textile designer with over 15 years experience working in the fashion, architecture, and luxury markets. As an artist, and aesthete, Cadee uses her keen eye to discern new and exciting patterns. Her designs are all painted,  hand block printed, or drawn by hand (some with a digital pen),  and printed using the latest digital technology.
The Kreme aesthetic is artistic and distinctive. " I love retaining the natural elements found when the brush touches paper, a block peels from fabric, or any slight nuance found in the different mediums I use - happy accidents - those are the little magic moments I live for!”

Our products are selected by designers and architects for their distinctive patterns and wide ranging color palette. We pride ourselves on making our product special, exceeding our customers needs and conforming to worldwide safety standards. We are committed to providing an exceptional product that is lovingly crafted especially for you and your clients.